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Redundant Server Farm First Class Environment Secure Facilities

With its own Australian datacentre, servers and support infrastructure. We can either use your existing servers or migrate your current servers or applications into one of our dedicated hosting servers resident in PIPs hosted server farm.
All our dedicated servers run redundant systems and there are numourous backup solutions available.
The advantage of utilising our dedicated server farm is that the hardware is automatically scaled with your company and its performance requirements. This gives companies the flexibilty to increase or decrease resources without needing to worry about IT infrastructure.
All our managed servers are connected to a permanent Online UPS, this not only keeps the server farm running during times of power outages but also provides dedicated protection against power surges and brown outs.
Both Dedicated and Virtual servers are housed in a climatically controlled room to keep the server farm operating at its most efficient.
Our complex is secured with security cards for all doors and lifts outside of opening hours. As well as key access to the room and server cabinets.
The complex utilises a 24 hour closed circuit monitoring and recording system on all entries.
Outside personnel access is not provided to the hosted servers for privacy. Any work is performed on Terminals residing outside of the server farm.
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